About Us

A passion to constantly innovate.

That's what separates Pacific Forest from the rest.

Relentless when it comes to reinventing ourselves, our aim is to bring to our customers the smartest solutions to meet their every need.

Headquartered in Singapore, our business has expanded greatly from our humble beginnings in 1988 into a multi-faceted one focused on 3 main activities: the design and building of lifestyle homes and hotel resorts, product manufacturing and trading.

Today, our portfolio of successful projects speaks for itself. With prestigious projects such as the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora under our belt, you can be assured of our commitment to delivering the best quality.

And as part of our Gaia-friendly beliefs, we have also delved into the research and development front – to pursue the possibilities of finding greener wood substitutes in the future. 

The Pacific Advantage

The world is changing around us. To continue to thrive as a business, we must be prepared to meet not only our own challenges, but our client's as well.

Pacific Forest employs a sophisticated virtual design software to assist in the planning, design and output of production materials of our building projects. It is a tool that can help architects bring to life their design ideas in the most practical and cost-effective way. In fact, we are the one and only firm in Singapore to employ this software. 

What Makes This Software So Advantages?

It is quantity-surveyed immediately

Every single piece of timber required is accounted for immediately by the software.

It is cost effective

Minimal material wastage as parts can then be cut to size accurately and with more efficiency.

It saves time

Assembling is fast and precise as parts are manufactured in exact size according to planned.

For presentation

Any revisions can be easily updated/edited to structure. Clients can visualize changes better with help of computer drawings and 3D animation.
Our competitve advantage does not end here. Even in the areas of manufacturing, we employ state-of-the-art robotics to ensure minimum wastage of materials and maximum time saved.

From design to production, Pacific Forest is committed to providing the smartest one-stop solution for all our customers.