Doghouse at Bukit Panjang Plaza

The Doghouse at Bukit Panjang Plaza was made possible with our sophisticated Robotics technology to carve out the timber individually with accuracy as a feature screen over the ventilation shaft.     

Project Furniture B e n c h

Project Introduction: “b e n c h is a project that remembers one of the most beloved icons, the former National Stadium. The stadium that witnessed countless concerts, football matches, and our National Day Parades. Bench create unique furniture made from planks culled from the National Stadium to be placed back into the cityscape. b […]

Grandstand, Singapore

AQUA® by GRANDSTAND is a mobile lifestyle and nightspot venue based on the modular use of several fold-out “transformer” units. Created with the highest quality materials. AQUA is a state-of-the-art product with a highly exclusive feel providing a world class experience. AQUA® launched in September 2008 in Singapore. {module [134]}